• Do’s and Don’ts of a Personal Statement

    Are you in need of writing a personal mission statement? Did you neglect this subject before that you might not need it? Or you were very confident that when the time comes writing one won’t be an issue and you will easily ace it? And now you are confused and stressed as the time is approaching to submit one. Academic writing is easy for a lot of people; it is an innate trait for them. At the same time a lot of people struggle with writing. They believe they are not good with it and writing is not meant for them. But this is not the case; with practice any skill can be learned. One has to be patient with the learning process and at the same time put in all the hard work and practice on the art of writing.

    Everyone in life faces a situation at a point in time where writing a personal statement is required. A personal statement is not only required for university applications but it is also required in job applications as well. Hence one should not refrain from learning to write one whenever given an opportunity. With the internet era nothing is difficult or impossible. There are a lot of websites which deal in best personal statement writing service. Moreover you can do the relevant research on the topic as well.

    In this article we will go about on how to write a personal statement.

    Personal Statement Writing Tips

    Prepare a Draft

    Write down everything you want to include in the personal statement, pen down all the necessary details. At this point in time when you are writing the first draft don’t look at the word count, just write. Once you are done incorporating all the details in the draft, you just need to summarize it to the allowed word limit.

    Take your time

    A personal statement cannot be completed in a few hours. No matter how much expert you are in academic writing, a terrific personal statement requires time in completion. You might need a month to prepare the final version. There are also some personal statement writing services available online.

    Words and Expressions

    In your personal statement, seek to use good vocabulary. Try to learn new meaningful words and incorporate them in your writing instead of simple basic words.

    Focus on your Strengths

    It’s very important that you don’t take this piece of writing easy at your end. It’s because when you are applying at any university or for a job, a personal statement is required along with the application to know about you, your personality. A lot of applicants have the same grades, an equally good transcript and related experience. Here what makes the difference is your personal statement. Making a good impression through it will increase your acceptance chances.

    Find a Perfect Opening

    A personal statement does not entirely need to be a very serious one. It’s great if you are able to incorporate fun and humor. Starting with something interesting and funny would give a good first impression. There is nothing better than an applicant who can make the application reviewer laugh. But there can be an issue of perception. What you believe is funny and what the other person reading the statement believes is funny can be very different. So be very careful in it. Do not use any double meaning words or sentences.

    Make it your Own Work

    When you start to write the personal statement, do not try to copy anyone else’s writing style. It is good to search for samples and give them a read but at the end your statement should be a distinctive piece of work.

    Be Honest

    Do not over exaggerate things in your personal statement just to impress the reader. The application reviewer comes across several personal statements throughout the year and is expert in the field. They will definitely know if you are just making things up and it would not do any good to you.

     Get Someone to Proof Read

    Once you are done with the writing and proof reading part, show your essay to someone else for final approval or edit. A counselor, senior teacher or even an elder friend or sibling can be a good choice for that. And when it’s finally done, check it again for any small grammatical errors before submitting it along with the application.

    Following all these steps you are good to go with writing your personal statement. Academic writing comes with practice; initially you might find that the idea to write my personal statement is not that simple as it seems to be. But with continuous practice and devotion you will be able to write a remarkable one. The key is to never lose hope and keep practicing on the given format.

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