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    Research Paper writing has become imperative due to changing academic trends and increased competition. Students are asked by supervisors to write a research paper at some point in university. It can be during undergraduate studies, masters or even PhD. A lot of university students are mentally prepared for this task and also occasionally go through sample research papers. Those students who are into research and academic writing might also have written some research papers as per their own will and research work. Also, at the same time there are many students who are not into research and academic writing and excel in other fields. When such students are given the task of research paper writing as part of the course work, their research revolves around “how to write my research paper?” At this point in time, students even look for companies that provide research paper writing services, to ease the task of writing a research paper for them.

    Though academic writing is not an innate trait and can be learned through dedication, practice and hard work, a lot of students believe that it's not their cup of tea and they need guidance. This need has led to the promotion of companies that provide academic writing services; students pay for research paper and get themselves a very well written draft.

    This blog will take you through the requirements of a research paper to help you write one.

    Steps involved in writing a research paper:

    Understanding of the work

    Before setting out to write your research paper, have a discussion with your professor and completely understand the requirements. You should be sure what is required of you and what your professor expects as a result of this research work. A lot of students do not give attention to this brainstorming session with the professor which eventually then results in low grades.

    Topic Selection

    Once you understand the professor’s ideas about the task, decide on the topic. Based on the guidelines given by the instructor choose the topic. You can either decide it yourself and get it approved or mutually decide it with your professor. In any case the professor must be involved in the process.


    Now when the topic is finalized, the next phase is to carry out research. In academic writing everything starts with research. Good research completes half of the work. To make your research work effective, find reliable sources related to your topic. For efficient research you would have to learn to skin without ignoring the information because you do not have to spend hours and hours reading everything ever written about your topic.

    Draft Thesis Statement

    The research will now enable you to develop the thesis statement; it is the most important part of the research paper. The thesis statement particularly specifies the readers what you are about to prove or present in the paper. It gives them an idea regarding the direction of a research paper.

    Make an Outline

    An outline includes headings and subheadings. Making an outline before setting to write gives an idea to the writer what the paper will look like at the end.


    You can now start with the actual work; you would have enough information and researched material on the chosen topic to give it paper format. While writing the research paper, provide supporting facts and examples to make it more compelling for the reader. Also, try to express the ideas in the simplest way possible to make it understandable. Lastly, refer to all the details and make a list of bibliography from the start. 


    Proofreading is an essential part of academic writing as it identifies the minor yet important mistakes which are otherwise left ignored. During proofreading some little errors can be identified like where to place a comma, where to change a sentence or paragraph. Proof reading also identifies grammatical and vocabulary errors. Fixing these errors gives a whole new look to the write-up.

    Formatting and Structuring

    Lastly, give your research paper a final look, all paragraphs must be in the same font and size, the line spacing must be correct and same throughout, everything should be properly aligned.

    Following these guidelines, you are good to go with your research paper. Initially you might find it difficult but eventually you would learn the art of academic writing. Still if you believe you need help in your research paper, you can reach out to academic writers and go about the idea to ask them to do my research paper. All the requirements are taken care of at the company’s end and the writer provides the best draft you are looking for.







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