• The Process of Bottle Labeling

    Role of bottles in industry:


    A bottle is a container, which is used to store liquid items and it is made of clay, plastic, glass, and other solid materials. Today many liquid items are manufactures in bottles and bottles play a major role in beverages, wine, and even household cleaning liquids are coming in bottle nowadays. We can say the bottle is the best material to store liquid items. A bottle comes in different sizes and shapes.


    Bottle labeler:


    Industrialists develop their product by their brand names and advertise their product using some celebrities. Advertising is a promotional activity in business and it develops the product as a famous one. Promoting the product through celebrities is not the only way to develop; there are so many ways that can make the product to reach soon between the people. Labeling in a bottle promotes your product and it is an easy way to develop your product. Labels in bottles speak about the brand name and develop an impression about your product.


    Bottle labeler machine-the modern invention:


    How is labeling done in those days? In olden days, bottles are labeled using manually and many workers were employed for labeling since there were no machines to the label. Due to the increase in population, demand for liquid products increased and now it is not possible to label manually in the bottles. The olden process consumes time and the quantity of the products gets decreased. To overcome this problem, a new invention was made that is called a bottle the labeler machine which reduces the work of label workers and also reduced the amount of time spent on labeling.


    What do these machines do?


    These machines perform automatic labeling and this labels all kinds of cylindrical objects by simply inserting the type of container. It has a footswitch where you can insert the bottles and most of the water bottles are labeled in less than two seconds and it handles most tapered containers. It is a machine that has a dispensing table for the placement of bottles and has a pullover which starts the process of labeling. It has semi-automatic label dispensers which applies labels over different types of bottles and a microswitch which work on different kinds of the label.


    Label dispenser the device for labeling:


    The bottle labeler machine has a label dispenser that automatically paste the label over the bottles. These are the dispensers which pick, apply, and repeat the process of labeling. Two types of the dispenser are there such as manual and semi-automatic label dispensers. Semi-automatic dispensers are the electric dispenser which allows you to peel label with ease and it exists in different types with different widths. Manual dispensers are heavy-duty dispensers and you can simply pull on the tab to dispense the label and it is used to label bottles, cans, and anything that needs a label. These are the multi-label dispenser which labels up to the maximum width of the machine. Bottle label applicators have made the labeling process in the bottle as an easy one.


    More details bottle label, follow it.

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