• Two days in Gran Canaria

    Day 1

    Two days in Gran Canaria- At 7:45 we left for our island excursion. We had breakfast at the apartment and left with our guide for our 2-hour trip. Once we arrived at the port we went on a hike to our starting point. The walk was beautiful and scenic. The local guides gave us a little information about the island and how it was built and where it came from.

    Our guide then took us on a hike towards the next point where we could see a waterfall in the water. At the top of the waterfall there was a restaurant and a cafe to go to. We took a look to the waterfall and the area around it. From here we could see a lot of islands around the island. In the end of the walk we got some water from the spring on top of the waterfall. The water was pretty clear and cold.

    At this point we were at the campground. The campground was quite busy and had plenty of tents and campers. On the way back to the harbor we saw a couple of whales just swimming in the waters around the island. Once back at the harbor, we saw a lot of boats in the harbor and many people relaxing and enjoying the island scenery.

    At 16:00 we went back to the restaurant to have our 2nd meal. We had grilled fish and vegetable salad for the main dish.

    After this we went back to the port and went back to the city. Once back at the apartment we did a little bit of shopping for things we might need, we checked out the local market to see what they had and headed to the movies.

    Day 2

    On the last day of our stay we got up very early and went for tour around our apartment building and from there we headed to downtown.

    Once we arrived at the port, we took a taxi towards the center of the island. On the way we had the chance to see the buildings that had been reconstructed by the locals.

    Afterwards we had breakfast at the same restaurant where we had our first breakfast. We had an apple and banana juice drink.

    Once we went back to the harbor, we took a boat tour around the island and had lunch at a bar at a beach, I can’t remember its name.

    We stayed on the boat until late afternoon. When the tour was over, we had a walk back to the harbor. From there we got back to the city center to have a delicious dinner, fish again.

    We arrived at the apartment at 21:00 and then we had to head back to the airport for our flight. These were two special days filled with wonderful sights, contacts and memories.



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