• What is the difference between Blogging and Vlogging


    The difference between blogging and vlogging is:




    The blog comes from the word weblog, which was invented in 1997 to define a site where people wrote a kind of blog. A couple of years later the term blog was adopted and popularized. One of the characteristics that began to differentiate a blog from other websites is that the content appears in reverse chronological order, the newest first. Something that is now common in other services, especially social networks. At the end of the last century, many people opened their blog and the concept of blogger emerged, someone who writes personal opinions on any number of topics. The Blogger service was also created, which would later be bought by Google. In the middle of the last decade, the blogs stopped being popular due to the popularization of the social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, reason why the number of bloggers was reduced considerably.





    With the arrival of video platforms, especially YouTube, vloggers began to emerge, that is, people with a video blog, who instead of writing tell the camera their ideas and opinions on any topic. Currently, many vloggers have become celebrities and their audience is composed mostly of teenagers who every week waiting for a couple of videos posted on YouTube. In fact, a synonym for vlogger is youtube. Vloggers, who certainly repeat the same formulas, also represent an opportunity for exposure for the brands that hire them as ambassadors.

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