• Why Is COVID-19 Screening for School and Work Necessary?

    Symptom screenings are important because they help identify that a person has an illness. If the symptoms a person is experiencing are among the common COVID-19 symptoms, the person should be tested. If the test comes back positive, the infected person should stay at home until they are virus-free. Going back to work or school means exposing others to the risk of contracting COVID-19.


    Screening is a helpful method that serves as a preventative measure for schools and companies. Children with COVID-19 should not be going to school this fall. However, there are some limitations to symptoms screenings. Namely, COVID-19 screening does not help with asymptomatic cases. It will also fail to identify pre-symptomatic cases where individuals have not yet developed the symptoms.


    We must all do our part to show responsibility and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to people around us. Schools and companies that decide to implement the screening techniques should ensure that they have enough qualified staff to perform symptom screenings on their students or employees. They must also consider the local and state requirements concerning COVID-19.


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